Saturday, May 24, 2008

RAK time!

Ok seeing as my blog views have reached over 5000 :P I have a Rak to give away and it's gonna be a surprise :P but it's a good surprise :P So I will leave this post open for a week so leave a comment to be in the running and I will get Luke to pick a name when he gets back from his Dad's :) So don't be shy and comment,I know you want to :P ;)

Not much happening here,Luke has been with his Dad since Wednesday and I am missing him sooo much,it's nice to have a break and do what I want but gosh do you miss your kid/s when you don't have them,it's catch 22 isn't it!! lol

Luke got sick again this week,vomiting a bit and a temp,doctor suspected appendicitis but I think it was just a stomach gastro bug as he hasn't got any worse and is getting better,hopefully it isn't the latter! One reason why I hate the cooler weather sometimes cos everyone seems to catch everything!

I went out last night,to a pub and had a lot of fun,there was a fight as usual and I even got flashed a g -string by some drunk Pommy girl lol Didn't get hom until late and I now know why i go to bed early ,am surprised I could keep my eyes open lol

I also went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie today,I LOVED the ones in the 80's and even though the new one was good,you can't go past the classics I am afraid! I am hanging out for Narnia to come out next month,I loved those books as a kid ( was a real bookworm) and I have seen all the movies so far :) Am trying so hard to fill my days in without Luke,how sad is that lol I guess when you have a child with you 24/7 then something like seperation happens and you have your times without him it's hard!

I also went op shopping the other day,got some great bargains,is it just me or some of the prices in these shops gone up A LOT????!!!! Some of the stuff I saw was very pricey and would be better to spend a few more dollars in a shop brand new! lol I understand it goes to charity (well I hope it would) but op shops are supposed to be cheaper than normal shops now some of them are getting close to other shops prices !! You still with me lol

Anyway I will leave you some more pics of Luke,I bought him a " Cars" dressing gown and he loves it,I have never been able to get him to wear one on his own accord but he loves this! lol He even put on his "Bob " beanie and gloves bless him lol at least he is warm lol

Annnnnddddd I also have some new scrap goodies on the way to play with and I printed out some pics so very soon you shall see some new layouts ;)

ALSO...........check out the lovely Dannii Best's blog as she has also put a RAK up for grabs on her blog ;) ,also check out her shop while you are at it ;) Click on the link below at the bottom of my blog! xx

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sick household

I haven't updated for a few weeks,slack I know,Luke has been poorly,had to take him to emergency on Mothers Day night as he got croup,was very very ill and they took him in straight away so there was no waiting for us thank god. His temp got to 39.5 and he was very listless,wanted Mummy and absolutely refused to take Panadol :( My parents were great,Mum came with me to hospital and helped. I took him the dr's yesterday and he is on the mend but I tell you croup is FRIGHTENING,to hear my little boy gasp for breath and cough like he was barking was horrible,it teared me up,HOPEFULLY he won't get it again this year but I have to keep an eye out

I now have a cold and I feel like crap,guess I am run down from Luke being sick,lack of sleep and not being able to rest either,hopefully I will get better soon!

My Dad turned 57 today,he is the type of Man that doesnt like fuss so we just did a cake and pressies and Luke helped him blow out the candles haha I didn't have my camera on me at the time which was a bummer :(

Not done any scrapping for awhile,really need to print out some pics,which I will do next week when P has Luke for the week and I can do it in peace lol I also have a very strict budget for scrapping now so I can't buy as much ,but when I get pics hopefully my mojo will come back!

Luke has been lovely apart from being sick,he is the most funny ,adorable boy and I love him to bits,he comes out with the funniest stuff and he is such a boy with some of the stuff he comes out with lol I swear everyday he says more and more words and sentences and comes up with something new,it's so beautiful!

I have a girls night out on the 30th,am so looking forward to it,haven't had one for ages,am off for dinner and drinks with some W.A EB girls and I am hanging out for it lol

Um not much else happening,really need a holiday but need money to do that haha

Have added some recent pics of Luke etc :) some are from a party he went to at Hungry Jacks before he got sick,"helping "Grandad with the gardening and one before bed :P

Oh and keep and eye out for a RAK next post I see I am around the 5000 view mark :P


To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

Please leave a comment so I know you have been here :P

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