Friday, February 29, 2008

Have fun girls at the retreat

Ok I am insanelllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy jealous of the girls that are going to Melbourne,hey I would give up scrapping for 6 months if I could go lol BUT I can not afford to esp now I am on my own :( Lovely Jody,I would ADORE to meet you and course the lovely Flick and Cat :( and all the other girls that are going.
So even though I am VERY VERY jealous lol ,the girls that are going have a great time and enjoy yourself for me :)
I will be hopefully be coming to Melbourne end of this year or next when the house sells so will hopefully meet some some of you.
I know a lot of you will take pics so I can see what you get up to :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ben Lee in a week,woohooo

I am going to see Ben Lee a week today in concert,I am sooooo looking forward to it :)

Was an early Chrissie pressie to myself and it's held at Kings Park ( for those who know Perth rofl)
Mum and Dad are looking after Luke and I am going with a girlfriend :

I also have my Auntie and Uncle arriving from the U.K on Monday night,so it will be great to catch up with them :) They fly out the day before Luke's birthday which is sad but I am sure they will have a great time :)

My baby boy turns 3 on the 15th March,where the hell has time gone? I soooooo miss the baby stage ( not the sleepless nights ,they were a lot worse back then ) but the cute,baby smell,the chubby cheeks etc,very small clothes and now my boy is a size 3!
I have done some layouts,Luke doesn't have a day sleep anymore,so there goes "my" time when he naps so the only real time I get now is when he is with his Dad or at night,which by that time I can't be stuffed and I just want to relax!

Anyway here they are and some pics to share :) Luke doesn't look too impressed in one of these pics haha I so wish I had a better camera but this one will have to do for now!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Splish Splash

Luke and I went to Mum and Dads's today for a swim,it was 37 today and I am getting soooo sick of this heat so we thought we would cool off.My Dad decided to join us for a swim too and then my brother,Sil and neice came over too but my camera battery died before I could take some more pics :(

Luke had a blast and cried when it was time to come out :( so I think we will be going back this week !

Tuesday we went to see Hi-5 ,I was dreading the fact that Luke might play up but he was pretty good,was pretty proud of fim,he loved it,danced ,sung and only ran off twice when we went to go the toilet lol I loved it too and Luke and my neice got spoilt with lots of HI -5 gear from my Mum :) Didn't get the best pics,my camera is a small digi and is pretty crap,am hopefully upgrading when I one day get some money

Last night Luke was at his Dad's so I went to the Mullalooo Beach Hotel with a girlfriend of mine,meal was lovely and we had a stroll down the beach,she has just moved from NSW and wanted a looksie,took some pics too and we saw these pair of jeans sitting on top of the beach shacks with no one around,either some one was skinny dipping or forgot them lol

I havent done any scrapping atm but will try and get some mojo and do some more.......

Luke turns 3 next month,I can't believe it,no longer my baby boy for real now and in Kindy next year sob sob,I hope one day to have another child and meet someone again in the future ,I would love Luke to have another sibling as his half sister lives in Melbourne and we don't see her much :(

I have booked Maccas for his party this year,didn't want to clean up mess after last year lol,he is so looking forward to it :)

Nothing else new,still getting through each day,find it lonely when Luke stays at his Dad's so I try and keep busy,easier said than done! It's funny how much you miss your child even when they stress you so much lol

Anyway hope everyone is well xx


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