Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Goonies

is an all time fav 80's movie for me,I loved it as a kid,what more do you want with adventure,romance and thrills lol

I spied a copy in my video shop yesterday and I HAD to buy it lol so I stayed up last night and watched it and omg it bought back so many memories of being a kid in the 80's lol It's suchhhhh a cool movie,one of my faves from the 80's along side Back to the Future series and E.T just to name a few lol So fess up if you have seen /remember this movie ;)

I so miss the 80's everything was sooo much cheaper,as kids My brother and I did outdoorsy stuff like making trenches,climbing trees,playing with the neighbourhood kids,so much outdoorsy stuff which kids now don't seem to do enough in my opionion so I am happy atm Luke loves being outside etc and I will encourage for him to do this as my brother and I happily played outside allll day ,even though Ataris pmsl came out and stuff we loved being outside! AHHHHH the good olds days when you had no worries and everything was cheaper food wise,well maybe not interest rates some time in that decade!

I have done quite a few layouts,I try and scrap when Luke is with his Dad and stays there,hope you like! Papers are two scoops,from Basic Grey,Making Memories Noteworthy and Kaiser!

Okkkkkkk I wanna tag anyone who reads my blog ,you have to tell me 10 things you loved/remember about the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am off to take Luke to his first concert on Tuesday arvo with Mum,HI 5 ,so wish me luck and I will have heaps of pics :P

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Check out Fk 62!

My second layout is in there,the Glitter section and is titled " Luke at 2" :P
I am so stoked I got a full page
Kelly's team layouts are in there too and she has done an awesome job!

Off to take Luke home as I am at Mum and Dad's house,I will post some pics tonight of Luke at the beach the other day :)

Flick-get better sweetie xx

EDITED TO ADD SOME PICS-couple of Luke doing the "splits" at my parents lol and some from the other day when we went to Quinns Beach,Luke would not go in the water voluntary,I think he has a thing about waves because when we go to a calm beach he is fine
I also started Tony Gerguson wieght loss program on Tuesday,very hard but I am getting used to it,need to lose 10-12 kilos,shame shame but I will get there and I am so going shopping when I lose the weight,stay tuned for my weekly weigh ins! xx

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lots of layouts

Lots of layouts from me,also have done an album but will post the link next time I post!!
Donna-sent your rak,hope you got it xx


To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

Please leave a comment so I know you have been here :P

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