Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crabs and Christmas

Well Christmas Day is over for another year,Luke got TOTALLYYYYYYYYYY spoilt and I got some lovely pressies too :P

Luke went mad opening his pressies at home,he spent Christmas Eve at his Dad's then came back home 10am to find loaddssss of pressies for him from Santa,there was sooooooooooooooo much paper and toys lol He also got a cubby house which he proceeded to call a "kennel" haha

Mum and Dad popped around with more toys before we headed to my brothers across the road for lunch and more pressies lol Luke got the coolest gift from my brother and SIL,a hermit crab hehe He was freaked out but is warming to it :P

We got home about 3pmish and just chilled for the rest of the day,Luke crashed at 6pm and nealry two hours later we get a phone call from my brother,some low lifes had broke into my Dad's workshop,the one next door and across the road,not sure what they stole from Dads but we know they stole a few motorbikes from across the road,next door had a boat but they didnt take it,so we reckon they knew the area,had previously seen what is inside and we reckon it's some low lifes who also own a workshop in the same industrial area,thank god my Dad is insured,cops were notified so will have to wait and see if they get the scums who did it,thanks for ruining our day u morons!!!!

Anyway just taking it easy today,yesterday was a scorcher,nearly 41 and today is the same,am over this heat already,thank god for air con!

Might go for a swim at my parents today I reckon!

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday!

Here are some pics to share!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some pics

Ok,I have some more wedding pics! My best friend Jodie got the professional ones this week and emailed me a few,was so excited I had to post them on my blog lol

Jodie looked stunning,I was so happy for her and Andy and the pics are gorgeous,the little girl in the pic is Jodie's neice and was the flowergirl and was soooooooooooooooooo cute and always smiling
Luke as you know was Pageboy,as for walking down the aisle that didn't happen pmsl
Just wanted to share some happy snaps with you all xx

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Secret Santa and a Rak Winner

Yes I have been slack,I am so sorry,been ill with low blood pressure and I have been working heaps (yes probably because of that I am ill ) but I need the money as sad as it is

The winner of the RAK isssssssssssssss.......................DONNA-SILVERCAT

Luke drew it out but I forgot to get a pic so Donna,please get in contact hun and thanks for the comments on my blog girls xx

I have a few pics,One is of the Secret Santa I received off Essential Baby,still don't know who it is yet but if you read this thankyou ,I love it xxxxxxxx

Another is of a Kaiser tree I made with the new Basic Grey Figgy Pudding,another is my embellishment holder ,a pic of some gingerbread Luke and I made ( I thought they were too cute hehe ) and a couple of extra pics to share :P

I haven't scrapped a page for a few weeks as you can guess I have the OTP mojo going on and loving the Xmas stuff aswell,so I will try and scrap some more when I get the chance,just getting in the Christmas spirit atm which also means I should put the tree up lol,it's huge though so I have been putting it off lol

Luke is doing the cutest thing atm,when we have the radio on in the car he tries to sing along to the songs hehe very cute lol

Can't believe it's December already and nearly another new year,where did it go??????????????????????????????

My baby will be 3 in March,it's gone too bloody fast for my liking sob sob

I have been going out when I don't have Luke for dinner with friends etc and got my work Christmas do on the 15th at the Jettys ( for you Perth girls that know what I am talking about lol ) Been nice to get out when I don't have Luke and enjoy myself :)


Friday, November 16, 2007

Mr Mojo is back :P and an RAK!!!

Ok don't fall out of your chair,I have done some layouts and a canvas and guess what,yesterday and today I did a embellishment caddy and "love" mini album,Mr Mojo has graced me since leaving me two months ago,he took a long holiday but he is back for the meantime (well hopefully for awhile hehe)

Hope you like the layouts ,my fav is the "you are devine" layout,very bright and very me :P

I will post my embellishment caddy and album beginning of next week,it's from the Kaiser Range which I am loving atm! Check out there Christmas stuff,it's gorgeous esp the papers and stars!

I will also leave you with a pic of the sunset from the front yard of my new place,I think it's a nice shot,I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sunsets,always have,they always make me feel happy :)
Got a night to myself tonight,Luke is having a sleep over at Nanny's and Gan Gan's tonight,he loves them to bits ( probably cos he goes to bed late and gets spoilt lol ) I just went and saw the movie "Fred Claus" was very good,I liked it,then when I got home I went for a lovely bike ride around the park seeing as it's a lot lighter later now,there was lots of families at the park,it was nice :)

Oh and Luke wants to wear Undies a lot more now and is going the toilet more,good sign but lots of washing lol He is so proud of himself,I think tt might be coming up sooner than I thought lol
Cat tagged me aswell hehe

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged:1.Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs
1.Totally opposite to Cat,I love gardening,I find it relaxing :) and a great form of exercise
2.I love bike rides,I used to ride my bike a lot when I was in highschool
3.I did pottery for a short period as a child and even got in a newspaper :)
4. I have a scar on one of my eyebrows due to falling over as a toddler on a piece of wire
5.I wear reading glasses but don't wear them as much as I should...naughty me
6.I played the violin in early highschool but gave it up,I have regretted that decision to this very day
7. I am a sucker for romance,roses will make me swoon any day but also a kiss and a cuddle will make me happy too ....
Oh and leave a comment on my blog and be in the draw for a RAK ,I want to do one to celebrate a new beginning for me,so to be in for the draw leave a comment and you never know you might win a little early Chrissie pressie xxxx scrapping or non scrapping related,I am not telling :P

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some pics

More pics from my friends wedding in Harvey and a few of Luke today,we had around 39 degrees here today,so Luke went in his clam sand pit and cooled down :P Luke was doing an impersonation of a lion hahaha

We have been having lots of ice cream today,air con,taking it easy and cooling down in the bath,it's soooooooo hot,Luke had a blast in his little pool though :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moved in :P

I am all moved in and as you can guess I have the net on as of today woohooooooo lol
I have most things unpacked and have even started some scrapping,I have that many kits to use up too *blush*
I have missed having the net,how sad am I lol,I miss the contact with my friends the most,makes you wonder how I survived before the internet came along but I have managed to survive without it and got a lot of cleaning and unpacking done lol
I have a lovely laptop to play with,Dad bought me it and I have to pay him back but I loveeeeeee it,I thought I deserved to treat myself after the hell I have been through and I needed some cheering up big time !!!
Luke is slowly getting used to the house,his room is strange for him atm but I know it will get better,he is a gorgeous little boy and I would be lost without him......
I am trying to get used to being on my own when Luke's Dad has him for the day/night,now I am in the house I find it weird on my own without Luke when he goes to my ex's but I know he needs time with his Daddy.
Not much else to report,will hopefully have some pics of some scrapping in the next couple of weeks :P

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Turning one

I thought I better update my blog as Mel wanted me too pmsl (here you go Mel xx )

My gorgeous neice Leah turned one last week,time has flown,I remember holding her in hospital a year ago and being in awe of being an Auntie for the first time,how time flies and how she has grown amazes me..

Leah had a big party on Saturday just gone,lots of people and friends and family who love her and lots of food and pressies lol

Luke had a great time,ate lots and got a little too excited pmsl but he had a great time and conked out in the car on the way home lol

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a few weeks,lots to sort out with the seperation etc,I move into my own place next week,I am happy that I am starting a new life but also sad in the fact that an end of marriage has come.I know one day I will look back at this and have both good and bad memories and won't make the same mistakes again but I hope one day I will meet someone who treats me like a Princess and loves my boy...
Luke tells me he loves me a lot,it is so sweet,I love it and he heaps giving me kisses and cuddles all the time,I love my boy soooooooo much :)

Not much else happening,just packing and organising connections etc for the new place etc,it's stressing and I will glad when it's all done!

I still lurk on everyones blog,sorry I don't post as often but I promise when I move into my own place that I will get back into it!! PROMISE ;)

I am sooooo missing my scrapbooking,I have kits etc sitting here that havent been touched and I am dying to use them but seeing as my stuff is piled up waiting to be moved,I am afraid I will have to wait until I have sorted everything out and then get stuck into them with gusto ;)

Thankyou to Kelly and Dannielle for my lovely RAK'S you girls are awesome and I am so glad I have you as my friends xx

Cat-thankyou for making Miss Leah her birthday dolly,as you know,she adores it and Luke loves sleeping with mine too pmsl

Amie- Thankyou for my bag ,it's great,I love it,if anyone wants a bag made click on Amie's link,she does great ones :P esp the denim one :P

Mel G- sorry I haven't commented on your blog for ages,I do lurk and read it and I am loving your work atm xxxx

Mel- will catch up with you in next week or so?? and I promise I will get my kit done very very soon xx

Flick-well done on the acceptances and dt position,you rock girl ( and you know it pmsl )

Hi to everyone else,your friendship means the world to me and I luv yas all xx

Oh and check out my first layout in For Keeps this month,issue 60,I got a full page and I am sooooo happy,Luke was stoked when he saw it,had the biggest grin ear to ear :)

This will be my last blog post until I get the net up and running at my new place,will update with some pics when I am back online xxx

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Harvey holiday :)

Well we had a great time !!! Luke was pretty good on the way down and back in the car,I was very surprised but I have to say,thank god for portable dvd players pmsl

The wedding was lovely,tiring though and the country side was picturesque :)

Luke had a great time and enjoyed his first holiday :) everyone though he was too cute in his suit ;)

I tried to relax and had quite a few champers pmsl My bestfriend Jodie looked devine,very beautiful,I am so happy for her and Andy,they are awesome together :)

Hope you like the pics :) how cool were my shoes :P
How adorable is my boy :P

More pics to come later on :) ,the professional ones :) sorry about the one that didn't load grrr

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Going to Harvey!

Friday for my Best buddies Jodie's wedding,I am so excited esp with all the crap lately I have had to deal with with this seperation,I NEED to let my hair down!!!

I will be taking 100's of pics no doubt lol

Wanted to share a few pics,one of Luke ( how cute is my boy) and one of me and my Best buddy who's wedding it is on Saturday :) We have known each other since we were 15 (both now 28)
Thanks for all the support everyone,esp the blog comments,I am trying to be strong and get on with my new life,I will be moving into my own place in a couple of weeks,so no doubt after I have settled and moved in,I will have heaps of pics to share x
Luv yas xx

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Leave it Mummy

That's what my darling son says to me now rofl,charming,don't know where he got that from sigh but gotta love the toddler years,aswell as saying that he says "Don't touch Mummy " boy has my Mister Luke got a attitude lol but I think he is adorable ;)
Luke has been quite clingy the last few weeks with me,which is understandable :( he asks for even more kisses and cuddles and makes a bit more of a fuss than usual when going to bed and calls out for me,even more so when he is at Mum and Dad's for the night with me :( Breaks my heart but I am trying to do the best I can atm considering...

Onto brighter news,not long to my best friends wedding,I am so looking forward to the break!

My first Layout that is being published is coming up very very soon in issue 60 in FK so keep an eye out!

Hope everyone is fine,I have lurking and trying to post on blogs ,I love reading them!

Off to make some anzac bikkies ,keep well and thanks again to those who have been there for me xx

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hi everyone

Thankyou for the lovely msgs you have all left me,they mean a lot,I am getting through each day and trying to sort things out ,the seperation is going to happen but I know I will get through this....
I am hoping to get some scrapping done this week or next,I am dying to get back into it and I got some pics printed the other day :)
I also have my best friend's wedding coming up in 3 weeks,it's in Harvey ( google it hehe ) and Mum and Dad are coming with Luke and I and we are staying in a motel so I am looking forward to the break and to enjoy myself esp with all the grief Luke and I have been going through... I am bridesmaid and Luke is page boy so expect lots of cute pics of Luke in his little tux,it's ADORABLE!!!
Amie-thankyou for my rak,sorry I haven't emailed you but I love it thankyou xxxxx
Flick-love the lo's you have done,awesome girl,loved the pic from your holiday
Jody-can you let me know where you got that chciken from pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,Luke would love one :)
Cat-how are the doll and puppets going?
Mel G- love all the recipes and the tent you made,it's awesome
Hi to everyone else! I do lurk and post on everyone's blog when I get the chance xxx
Sorry to those who chat to me on msn,I haven't been on there a lot lately,too upset plus got so much to sort out now but I will hopefully be on more again soon :)

Have a great week everyone and thankyou for thinking of Luke and I xx

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sorry I haven't been in here for awhile,life has been hard for me the past two weeks,a lot of crying,anger,upset and numbness. My husband and I are seperating and it's a complete shock,it's a long complicated story but a huge thing in my life atm.
I am concentrating on my gorgeous boy atm and my love for him and with the support and love from my family and friends I am getting through each day,just.
This is hard for me to come out with it,it's hard to think I now am a single Mum.
I will be hopefully getting back into my scrapping as I have to get on with my life now and try and make myself happy again,I am also seeing a counsellor which I think will help a lot.
Time for a new life and a new me ......

Friday, September 07, 2007

Blown away

Some of you may know what I have been through this week and I want to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart,your support,love and advice have been wonderful and very appreciated,those who know what is going on thankyou for being there for me,for those who don't, I don't want to post it up on the internet for everyone to see but if you want to know please email me at I am going through something major life changing and something very devastating within my everyday life and I am not a very strong person if that. I hope I can get through this and see the light at the end of the tunnel one day but for now my son is my biggest priority right now and always will be.Once again,thankyou to everyone who has been there for me,I will need my friends and family around me right now more than ever. x

Friday, August 31, 2007

Sunshine and sandcastles

We had the loveliest day today :) This morning I went to Ikea,omg I love it there,I could go nuts in there! :P Luke was pretty well behaved well no screaming anyway pmsl

Luke got up a bit later than usual so the little monkey didn't want his lunch sleep,so Mum had him for an hour so I could shop in peace lol When I got back Luke had made "sandcastles"with Nanny with flowers and people on them,how cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hehehe
Then after Nanny's and Gan's Gan's we went for a walk down to the park and fed the ducks :)

How cool does my boy look in his sunnies hehe

I haven't done much scrapping etc lately,having a few family problems that I don't really want to divulge over the internet but hopefully I will get my mojo back hopefully,thankyou to all my dear dear friends who have been there for me atm,I really need a shoulder atm and I couldn't ask for such nice people to be there for me,yu know who you are xxx

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there,here is a pic of Luke and My dad xxx


To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

Please leave a comment so I know you have been here :P

Sarah x

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