Monday, August 11, 2008


Lol did I scare ya lol I have been really really bad and not blogged for ages as you can tell,I havent scrapped since my last post either :( no mojo at all ! A lot going on,being a mummy,dealing with seperation crap,lack of sleep etc,lots of sickness,so as you can tell I haven't had the energy to even thinking of updating lol

Luke is great and cute as ever,still very affectionate but also has his tantys lol He tells me he loves me daily,quite often during the day which melts my heart! Can't believe he is 3.5 years old now! Kindy next year omgggggggggggg

My birthday is on the 24th,going out with some friends the night before to Burswood and then on the day going to the circus with my parents and little man,looking forward to it and no doubt take lots of pics :) I turn 29 so one more year until the dirty 30 :P I am scared but kind of excited ,it's weird!

Mum,Dad and I took Luke to Caversham and Whiteman Park for the first time yesterday,he loved it,had a tram ride and got all excited,still thought it was a train which was very cute and he loved patting the kangaroos! Had a blast and promptly fell asleep early last night at my parents house as he stayed over :)

Also had a breakthrough today,managed to get him to sit in the toilet for number 2's,I am having a mission doing this,so hopefully this time it will continue! You would have thought we were having a party with the commotion I made when he did it lol

Anyway,here are some pics,more recent :)


To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

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