Saturday, June 30, 2007

I won

on Jen Hall's blog lol

I won a layout done by the talented lady herself because I picked one of three numbers,hehehe woohooooo

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her work so I am feeling very very lucky!! Thanks Jen xx

Just got back from the crop at Di's and finally met Trace,Donna and Alinta!!! Was great to meet you finally,you are all gorgeous!! Great to catch up with Mel and Di and the girls aswell :)

I got one page done but I was too busy gasbagging the rest of the time rofl

Will post the layout tommorow :P

Crop day!

Waiting for Paul to get home so I can go to the crop at the shop Mel teaches at-Scrapbooking to Di for , just going for a few hours and hopefully meet some more Perth EB girls :) (and hopefully spend some money lol) Will take my camera and try and get a pic of us :)

Mum has asked me to make her a canvas clock like the one Mel has done,I have nearly finished mine,just need pics and then she wants me to do her one plus do a layout of Luke and my neice Leah for her,just have to find the time now!! lol She isn't in a rush for them thank god rofl

Luke has been having so many tantys this morning I am over them!! Funny how they do something cute and all is forgiven rofl If I hear "Row Row your boat" one more time I think I am going to scream lol

Update on my depression- Meds seem to be making me feel a bit better which is good,I really want to get better esp if we have another child,Luke is a handful as it is lol but I really want to have another child so am doing what it takes to make me feel better :) Got to see the doctor Wednesday to let her know how I am going :)
Not much else to report,here are two layouts I have done,when I EVENTUALLY finish my clock I will post that too rofl

Have a great weekend,kisses
Sarah x
Will be back soon with a pic from the crop hopefully :P

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Omg I am being published!!

For Keeps have accepted my " Prince Cheeky" layout and I am still in shock,I am sooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow it's still hard to believe!!!!!
I wanna party lol
Thanks girls for the congrats,it means alot :) I am going to be in issue 60 so keep an eye out for it :P

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Congrats Jody!!

On getting your first layout published!! Well done chick,I knew you would do it!!!
Kays,glad you got the pressie and Hols loved it :) Tell her auntie Sarah said "hi" :P
Mel and the Perth scrap girls,seeya Saturday at Scrappbooking to Di for for the crop,am so excited!!! :P
Not much happening here,same old,went to Ikea yesterday and got some glass jars for my scrap space and some shelving for the study,my scrap space is nearly orgainsed,just a bit more to do then I will take a pic :)
Might be going the movies tommorow,will see how we go :)
btw thanks to Pauline for my awesome header,I have some from Cat and one from Jody too,so am going to swap then around regulary to show off there great work :P
Will be back tommorow with a few pics of some lo's I have done :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back from fishing

Well Paul is lol,He just went to the Abrohlos Islands which are just off Geraldton,went for 5 days with some friends,he had a good time but I think he is happy to sleep in his own bed and not a sleeping bag lol
Weather is pretty crappy here and its a lot more colder which means a cranky bored toddler ho hum,can't wait for sunny weather again and we are only just started Winter rofl
Luke has been invited to a birthday party on Monday so I will have some more pics to share :)
Hope everyone is fine,am gonna try and hopefully get some scrapping done now Paul is home from his "holiday" :P

Friday, June 15, 2007


We saw Shrek yesterday it was good! Wish I could have took Luke but there is no way that 2 year old will sit through a 90 min movie,maybe next year hopefully!!! I love Shrek! It was a great movie,so go and see it!

Paul is still sick,did get better but now isn't well again,Luke is gettting another cold and I am just tired from lack of sleep because they are both sick lol I hate Winter,I hate sickness,I hope they get better soon :(

Going bridesmaid dress shopping tommorow,my best friend Jodie is getting married in October and I was asked to be bridesmaid,unfortunately Jodie was in London when Paul and I got married so I am glad I can be there for hers!

Also going out for a girls night out tommorow night ( that's if I don't fall asleep lol),haven't had one for awhile so lookign forward to it!

Paul is going on a fishing trip next week for 5 days,he is looking forward to it :) so expect some pics on my blog when he gets back rofl

He is also on the cover of Fishing W.A mag this month,check it out,he is on the pic of the mag on the left hand side

I reckon he looks dead spunky :P

Ok enough from me,have a great weekend everyone! btw here are my last two lo's I have done :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cool the globe!

Have look at this site,we really need to do something to save the planet for our children and there children
I have signed up lights off Australia,so why not do it too! I have also sent off to get a kit,every bit helps!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

How cute is this pic

Luke got up from his sleep and was a bit cranky yesterday,he lay down on the couch when he got up and proceeded to fall asleep for another 10 mintues lol I love pics of kids sleeping,there are too cute :P

Well I am back on my antidepressants,haven't been on them for over a year and felt like I needed to go back on them for a number of reasons esp being on my own when Paul works away and finding Luke more of a handful when Daddy flies out to go to work,it is for another week I have to take them and then go back to my doctor and let her know if I feel any better,if I don't, stay off them and try councilling,if I do feel better than stay on them until we start trying for another child.It isnt an easy option for me going back on them but I am willing to give them a try.Have had depression on and off for 10 years (good old first ex boyfriend cheated on me that's how the whole cycle started :( ) I am not the strongest of people but I think I am strong in the respect that I am not afraid to ask for help now.

Anyway will keep you updated

Luke is taking heapsssssssssss now,two word sentences and is like a parrot,I love it and hate it lol,it just amzes me how much he has grown :)

Went to where Mel teaches classes today (scrapping) and spent some money ,they had a sale on and I got 30% off woohooooooo

Not much else to report,might be seeing my cute little neice Leah tommorow,will willpost some pics in the next few days :P

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


We are all sick in this house and not getting much sleep at all,am off to the doctors when Luke wakes from his lunch sleep,his asthma isn't getting any better and he is very chesty plus he has a cold and I am pretty much the same,Paul is starting to get better though.I hate Winter because you catch everything!!!! grrrrrr

It was Paul's birthday yesterday,he went fishing in the morning and then we went around Mum and Dad's for dinner,not happy with my brother and sil who didn't even bother coming (they had some work do, hellloooo family is more important!!! grrr) and then they didn't even ring Paul to wish him Happy Birthday so I am quite p#$%ed with them atm.Let's just say I aint going out of my way to contact them now,I am really upset and dissapointed about it esp for Paul

Here is a pic of all of us anyway,Luke loved the sparklers on his Dad's cake :P Sorry the pic of us is a bit dark,can anyone lighten it for me :P????????????? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Kaysie-left a comment on your blog,don't know if you read mine but I am always here for you xx

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Row Row Row your boat

Dh had the flu whilst he is away and guess who is starting to get it now when he flies out on Tuesday ( it is now Sunday!!) grrr not happy Jan!! It's always the way!! Soooo I didn't get much sleep last night :( So when DH gets up I am going back to bed,he is going fishing tommorow so i don't get my lie in,so I guess I have to catch up on sleep today :P Dh's birthday tommorow,don't think he wants me making a fuss because like I said he is off fishing,we are going to go my parents though for dinner

Something funny for you,Luke LOVES Row Row Row your Boat,this is his version lol


(Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream) lmaoooooooo how cute is that!!

Cracks me up all the time,he even sang it pretty much the whole time we went out for dinner the other night,the waitress thought he was too cute lmao
Not sure what we are doing today,might go for a bike ride :P


To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

Please leave a comment so I know you have been here :P

Sarah x

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