Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I got myself a Pandora bracelet after waiting over a year to get one lol Seeing as Mothers Day is about 2 weeks away I thought what the hell I am gonna treat myself to one seeing as I have gone through a lot lately and hell a Mummy deserves a treat lol So I got a silver one and a few beads and I know it will take me a long time to fill it but at least I have the bracelet now lol I couldn't believe how dear the gold is,think I need to win lotto for that one lol

Mothers Day I am having breakfast out with Mum ,Dad and Luke at a different venue this time so I am really looking forward to it,we are going to the Mullaloo Beach Hotel which is on the beach front and is really nice :)

Not done any scrapping,have lost my mojo atm :( hopefully it will come back soon lol
How cute and cheeky is this pic lol I love my boy :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am still alive lol

Nothing exciting to report,same old,my life is is boring haha

Luke is well ,havent been able to do much scrapping and there is no new man in my life pmsl

I have the day and night off,child free and am just relaxing :P

Working 3 days next week and thats about it

Sorry if you wanted more Bold and the beautiful stuff pmsl

I will post some scrapbooking layouts this week promise ;)


JODY-the blog header as you see is very small is it me or is it the size you sent me????????

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Been a slacker!

Ok,so I am a slacker,I admit it,have been lazy and not updated for a few weeks, *slaps wrist*

I have been busy with the usual Mummy stuff,started back at childcare again,doing relief and wow it's so weird being back after 5 years lol,doing this for me time,money and get back more experience,I worked for a lovely child care centre on Tuesday and they want me back again for 4 more days in the the next month! I can't believe how many phone calls I have gotten to do relief and it's only been 3 weeks since I put my details through to ABC

Many people I know don't like ABC centres,I understand because I was one of them but the centre my gorgeous boy goes to is ABC and he LOVES it,I love the girls there and the co ordinator and the centre I did relief at the other day was also lovely,so I reckon for those who are so so about them,it's the Staff that makes the centre,so don't judge beforehand!

So I am doing this for me and Luke,I might have to put him in an extra day into childcare sometimes but I know he enjoys it and I am doing this for us.

On the single Mummy front,same old,I went on a date the other day,nice guy,so see how it goes,I am not rushing into anything but I also want to be happy again and find love,I am loving being a Mum,even on those bad days but I also want to be with someone one day,hey I figure if nothing comes out of these dates I have a lot of friends and that is better than nothing! Luke is my Number one and always will be! Life as a single Mum can be tough and tiring so I take my hat off to all the sinlge Mums out there!

I also have to share this simply GORGEOUS photo of my handsome boy at childcare,he looks so much older in this photo and makes me smile every time I look at this,he is so adorable!!!!

I did some Layouts a few weeks ago but am still yet to take some pics but I will asap,I am studying for my first aid course which I have on Monday,so any Luke free time is filled with that this weekend!

Hope everyone is well and Belinda of course I remember you chicky,thank you for leaving such a lovely comment and I hope to be back in the forums when I get 2 seconds to myself lol

Hope everyone is well and I do read EVERYONES blogs,I just don't get enough time to comment but I love everyones entries and it's great seeing what everyone gets up to !

Stay safe and thanks to all the gorgeous people who read my blog,just comment more will ya lol


To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

Please leave a comment so I know you have been here :P

Sarah x

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