Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sad news

We have just learnt that Paul's grandfather has passed away in his sleep,we are so upset atm,may you rest in peace xoxoxox

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hehehe I have been nominated

Mel nominated me for this,how sweet are you xoxoxox
Ok I am nominating-
Mel (Perth Mel)
and everyone else hehe I truly love everyones blogs,so I can't not nominate everyone!! hehehe
You girls are awesome and I am blessed to have such great friends who support me and are there for me,I am glad I took up scrapping because I would have never of met such awesome girls like you all
Righto,enough of the mushy stuff hehe,hope everyone is ok and you are all scrapping your little hearts out,I will be getting some more scrapping done this week and start on Mel's birdie bag and album now I have the extras I need :)
Better get off this computer as we have really bad weather here atm :(
Sue-I got you c/s today I will do those stamps for you and post asap xx

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Helicopter and more layouts

I did my Carole Janson Helicopter Kit yesterday,went to do Mel's little birdie kit and I didnt have any pins doh,so will have to get those next week so I can get a start on it ( don't worry Mel,I will do it :P)
Carole,I loved doing this,it was so much fun!!! Will have to start on your other kit soon :P

I also did some more Layouts the other day using Love Elsie Toby and Roxie,one os of my DH,one of of us and one is of Luke :)
Not doing much today,Luke is being babysat this arvo so Paul and I are going out on a date,not sure what we are doing yet though,will decide when the time comes :P lol

Have a great weekend everyone xx

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tagged by Cat :P

I have been tagged by the wonderful Cat,so I have to fufill my duties hehe have done this not long ago but it's always interesting to find out about people :P

1. I have two holes peirced in each ear,I used to have three but when I used to work at McDonalds when I was younger my boss said I had to take the top ones ( the third holes where at the top of my ear) out :( so I had to take them out everytime I had to work and let them close up,still wanting them re done though :P

2.I love Kath and Kim and love watching my dvds over and over hehe

3. I have one brother

4.I love the Wizard of Oz,it's a classic!!

5.I used to love Astro Boy as a kid :P

6. I love long hot baths (when I am able to that is rofl) always relaxes me esp when I am stressed

7.I have always loved the water eg the beach/pool,I couldnt live away fron it

8. I love cookies and cream ice cream yuuummmmmmm

Ok I tag---------->>>>>>

Mel ( Perth Mel)
Mel goodsell :P

and anyone else who feels like doing it hehehe

Paul and I just saw the "Simpsons Movie " and it was really funny esp the SpiderPig part hehehe
Just a word of warning,if you don't wanna see Bart "bits" then don't see it rofl but it is funny hehehe Came out today,so if you are s Simpsons Fan go and see it ( Paul ADORES the Simpsons and so does my stepdaughter rofl)
Not doing much this arvo,just housework and maybe a bike ride becuase it has stopped raining for a bit,hope to get some scrapping done too,I want to get into my Love Elsie Toby and start Mel's Little Birdie Kit hopefully :P

Have a great day xxx

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You can all comment now hehe

I have changed the settings so for those who couldn't comment before you can now hehe :P


Monday, July 23, 2007

I have been busy :P

More layouts from me using my DT Kit and the new Love Elsie :P They are of Luke,my stepdaughter Monica,me and my neice :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Party Time!!

We went to a party today,Luke's friend Tillie turned 2 and had an animal farm there,it was great! Luke wanted to take his duck home and had a ride on a pony and even tried to ride a baby pig pmsl
We only stayed for a little bit because Luke got really tired and cranky for his sleep,but we enjoyed ourselves for the part we went :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sneak Peeks

at the new stuff coming out,I am loving the new Basic Grey and Queen and Co felt ribbon oh and the Scenic Route and Heidi is to die for,how cute are those cherries??? :P


I got my first DT Kit from Di yesterday,Mel organised the kit and I got some yummy MME papers,ribbons,chippy,brads and cs plus more,can't wait to play with it,will try and get a pick today :P Am so excited to be part of her team and work with Mel,Alinta ( who got a yummy Bo bunny kit ) and Amanda.

I got my Infuse in the mail yesterday and after umming over it whether I liked it or not when I pre ordered it,I have to say I love it now,more so in real life,I did two layouts last night ( after telling Luke to not touch a billion times) and they turned out great,the papers are easy to work with and I love the die cuts,they are so funky!

The layouts have some 3d effect on them if you can see,I love Carole Janson's work so wanted to do a bit of her work on my layout ;)

Not doing much today,my computer is playing silly buggers when I try and log on to banking,so have to get that fixed this arvo,might take Luke to McCafe and have something to eat and drink ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good news!!

I have been asked to be a Design Team Member at "Scrapbooking to DI for" here in Perth,Di owns the shop and is the loveliest person so I feel very privilegded to work for her :) Mel teaches classes there,so I am in good company :P I am so excited,only found out yesterday and it made my day :P I think I am getting my first kit tommorow to play with,so yeh had to let you know my good news ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I need a stiff drink ..........

Even though I don't drink much lol
Omg Luke has been playing me up this arvo,he had his little gf over and omg did he show off and play up big time,sigh,the neighbours must hate me with the amount of yelling I did (crazy face inserted)
Haven't been doing much today,worked this morning and then Luke had his gf over,we just went to walk down the shops,didn't have a tanty to deal with which was great pmsl
Paul flew back today so I am a single Mummy once again !!
I just ordered some Toby Love Elsie and I am so hanging out to get it now rofl ( thanks Cat for my voucher that I used for it lol )
Might head into the city tommorow to meet Alinta and have a look at Memories Made with Love in the city and to drool over some products hehehe might even do lunch :P

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Layouts from my kit-Scrapframes

Well I got my yummy kit off Michelle the other day and I was DYING to use it,I fell in love with these papers as soon as I saw them,they are GORGEOUS!!! I did 3 layouts today ( whilst telling Luke not to touch about a billion times!!! ) and I still have more to do another layout or two,how is that for value!!!!! The kit has the yummiest things in it and the Samantha Crate Paper is great to work with :)

Hope you like :)

Been home most of the day,watched Monsters Inc and Tractor Tom with Luke and scrapped,Paul went fishing so as soon as he came home I went for a bike ride,I needed some mummy time!
Got my parents coming over for a roast tonight,Paul does the BEST roasts :P Off to see Harry Potter tommorow afternoon,Mum is having Luke for us so Paul and I can go and see it before he flies back to work for another week.
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some pics :P

Two pics today from when I went to Mum's house this arvo,Mum and Dad were miding my neice so we popped around for a play,how cute are they? :P

How cute is Leah's expression lol and also a pic of me at a friend's house the other day,lol at the bags under my eyes that lack of sleep for you lol

Mum's lunch out

today,Mum and two of my friends went out for lunch at Hogs Breath Cafe,i love it there and I am still full 2 hours after getting back rofl,we had a great time,chatting and eating and genrally having time alone without the kids :P
I had the best dessert there,Maple and Walnut sundae I think it was called with choc sauce omg it was delish!!!!!!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmm Was nice to get out though we have promised to go out once a month so hopefully it will be a regular thing :)

Ok will be back later with the a pic of Luke and my gorgeous neice Leah :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


By Melissa :P

7 facts about myself :P

1. I have no spleen due to a blood disorder-itp (google it if curious lol) so I have a huge 15cm scar on my tummy

2.I loveeeeeeeeeeee Cherry Ripes and Cheese and Onion chips (no not together pmsl)

3. I used to work at a Cookie shop when I was around 16/17,thats why my Id on Essential Baby is Cookie lol

4.I hate cooked mushrooms but love them raw,weird I know!!! :P

5.I am a very loyal friend but can get impatient easily (esp now I have a child lol )

6. I met my husband on Yahoo Chat :) and we are now happily married :)

7. I lived in the U.K when I was 10 to 13,we moved there for awhile but we moved back to Perth as my brother and I were too homesick but I loveee the clothes and chocolates from there :P

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So grown up

Yay I figured how to insert a title,blogger is currently having probs when you insert a title,to do it go here to figure it out

Have to share a pic of my handsome boy I took today when he was at my friends place to play with his little girlfriend Abbey :P

Luke and I had a lie in the bed this morning because it was so freezing here this morning and he grabbed my mobile ( I had it keylocked hehe ) and he kept pressing the button on the side of phone and taking pictures of himself and saying "Cheese" and cracking up ,it was sooooo funny,he then puts the phone infront of my face and says "Cheese Mummy " rofl so cute ,I checked the pictures just after that and most of them were of the bed head pmsl bless him hahaha
Luke is at childcare tommorow so I might go and see "Knocked Up" it is supposed to be really funny and I love comedies :)
Will try and get some more scrapping done this week hopefully!!
For those who read my blog,please leave a comment and say hi I like to know who reads it :P
Sars xx

oh and I might be working at the Perth Craft Fair next month for a shop here in Perth "Scrapping to Di for " so come and say hi!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

CHECK OUT MY KIT!!! I designed it for Michelle at Scrapframes and I think it turned out great :P
Featuring the most beautiful, heavy cardstock weight, double sided and softly textured papers of the Crate Paper Samantha range. Kit contents include 6 sheets of Samantha design paper, 4 co-ordinating printed and textured cardstocks, a selection of 3 Fontwerks clear acrylic stamps from the Elsie Flannigan "Crazy in Love" set, 3x3" acrylic stamping block, Samantha Crate Rubons pack, Heidi Swapp Schizophrenic chipboard in icee, Cherryarte chipboard naturals, and some trimmings including ric rac, sheer ribbon and brads to co-ordinate. Crammed with value at $48.95

So grab one while you can :P
The extras pack includes a 7Gypsies 97% certifiable seal stamp - flower, a sheet of Crate Paper Samantha diecut trims and tags, adhesive rhinestones and some other goodies yet to be confirmed!

I love this paper and have seen it in Real life and I love it!!! So check it out
http://www.scrapframes.com.au/ or click on the lick to your right on the list :)

Michelle has a great site and the service is awesome :) :P

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am in loveeeeeeeeeeee with my new Fiskars punch with the easy squeeze handles,it's AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,it's so much easier than ordinary punches and it's so quick to use!! I so want more now,I think I am addicted!!!!! I so gives the thumbs up for this product and will definetely want more now :P

More layouts from me using Dee's kit from 3as,I love it Dee,you did a great job!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Luke is so sweet

He has been saying " I love you " to me when I say it it him,how cute is my son!!! awwwwwwwwww I nearly cried the first time he said it :) He also has the best manners which I am toatlly proud of :) He says thank you and please a lot,how good is my boy :)

I braved the Big W toy sale this arvo,Mum minded Luke and got me to go for her.Mum wanted a few toys for Luke and my neice Leah to put away for Xmas ( I already have there eheh how organised am I ,still have the rest of the family to get though ;) :P ) Big W wasn't as bad as I thought,glad I didn't have to laybuy though,Mum gave me cash :P

Not doing much the next few days,might take Luke to the park tommorow morning,it's finally gonna stop raining and we are gonna have some sun :) yay so will have to get some washing out aswell :P

Nearly finished a layout today whilst Luke was sleeping so will post when I have finished it :)

btw congrats to Ryn on her first acceptance!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Some new stuff from me :)

Some things I have done the last few days :)

The clock is from the June kit on Scrapframes that Mel designed,decided not to add the smaller parts on it because I want to make to small canvases to go with it which I will hang either side of it :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Layout from the crop day :)

Here it is,would have got more done but too busy gas bagging rofl Had a great time and was lovely to meet the Perth girls and have some "mummy time"

Wow am posting a lot lately rofl,go me :P
Crap weather here in Perth so I better turn this computer off :( have a great weekend (or what's left of it lol)


To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

Please leave a comment so I know you have been here :P

Sarah x

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