Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't have a heart attack lol

I scrapped lol
I have had no mojo what so ever but seemed to come back when I got some goodies and I have got the week to myself while Luke is with his Dad. The blue layout is called "Heartbreaker" but I haven't had a chance to get a good pic because the weather was pretty crappy here,typically the sun is shining today and I can't be fudged taking more pics and cropping and uploading them lol
Not doing much,trying to keep busy while Luke isn't with me,when your day is occupied by kid/s it's harder to go back to being alone! I might go to the movies today and see that new Adam Sandler movie and relax,had a nice lovely lie in this morning..
Luke has a party to go to next week so no doubt I will be posting pics in here ,he also has been asking pretty much everyday to go and see "Kung Fu Panda" but it's hard explaining it's not out at the movies yet so he will be excited to be taken next week lol
Anyhoo have a great day and thanks for making such lovely comments x

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