Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some pics

Yay I have a camera,well until I get another one of my own my wonderful Dad had let me borrow his seeing as he hardly uses it and he knows I have to take pics of Luke ;)
I have laybuyed another camera but god knows when I will pay that off lol Good old bills and other important things come first! Can't wait to get it though!
These pics were taken near Hillarys Marina,a beach right next to it ( for those Perthies) was a bit chilly but after Luke and I had a bit of a run we soon warmed up lol Little monkey is fast lol


jodyg said...

That beach looks gorgeous!!

Miriam Kaye said...

Hi Sarah,
Long time no see :) lol
I loved that beach next to Hillarys used to go there swimming in Summer :)
Love the photos of your little boy, he's growing up fast isn't he :D
By the way my blog address has changed it is now

Take care :)



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