Friday, September 05, 2008


Is finally here,couldn't have come any faster !! Lol I was over the Winter months and am glad we are starting to get some sunny days even though the nights are still cold!
I did some scrapping,one is for the guest spot on 3AS :)
Luke is good,a real Mummy's and Nanny's boy :) He is with is Dad atm thats why I am updating this blog as I have tidied my study and catching up on things :)
Got my tax back the other week,didnt get a great amount but thought I would treat myself to a Nintendo WII AND WII Fit :) Hopefully Luke won't put all his grubby fingers all over it lol
Am thinking of going back to TAFE and do some study,like to keep my brain active and want to expand my experience etc ,bit worried about how I will do it being on my own with Luke but I am determined to do it!
Had a lovely birthday last month and got spoilt! Took Luke to Circus Joseph Ashton and he liked it :) Unfortunately I got hayfever but managed to get through it even though I was sneezing my head off lol Luke got a pony ride twice so was pretty stoked lol
Anyway that's all from me for now,will post again shortly if anyone reads this blog still rofl

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possum11 said...

Hey Sarah,

Long time no hear, hope you are doing OK! WOW look at those pics of Luke, he's growing so much. Gotta love those 3.5yo hugs too :)
take care!


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