Thursday, October 30, 2008

A lot has happened.....

It's not often I come in here now,a lot going on and I am not sure anyone reads my blog anymore lol

Scrapping wise,I think I won't be continuing with it anymore for a numbers of reasons 1.tight budget being a single mum and mojo what so ever, I might one day get that mojo back but its not looking good,maybe next year it might come back but atm everything else needs to be paid,so scrapbooking has hit the backburner!

Last week I received some very upsetting news,that my Mum has Breast Cancer,to say the family is shocked and upset is an understatement :( I think the whole family cried all day the day we found out,hopefully it is not advanced,Mum goes in next week to hospital to have it removed and then I guess we take it from there :( Please cross your fingers and toes that all goes well please ....

Luke is well,keeps talking about Santa already and is quite the bossy boots sometimes but I love him to death,he also comes out with the funniest things sometimes and it's hard not to love him lol I have been wrapping Xmas pressies today ( Luke is with his Dad atm so was a good time!) and dont have many pressies to buy now,only Mum and Dads and a few others.Am looking forward to putting up the tree,as I will be having a different colour theme this year,I get bored with the same colours lol Not sure what is happeneing with Mum bei ng sick but I have to try and do something for Luke and something with the family hopefully .

Yesterday I managed to get Pink concert tickets,am so excited! Not the best seats but seats non the less ! So am looking foward to going in May :)

My gorgeous neice turned a couple of weeks ago,seems like yesterday she was born,time flies! She is a right little girl now and got very spoilt!

I hope someone still comes in here and reads,otherwise I think I will be ending my blogging days after Christmas ! Please leave me a comment if you do

Will leave you with some pics of my little man,hope all is well in your lifes x


Sharmaine said...

Hi Sarah, I still read :)(
First a hug, I hope your mum responds to treatment and goes through the surgery ok.
Sounds like life is full on right now so make sure you hang in there and don't stress on the little things, glad that you can see that things need to take a back seat for now.

Belinda Venables said...

Hey there Sarah,

Thanks so much for you blog comment on my blog.

I am so so so sorry to hear of your news about your mum.

No words I say can make it better. I just hope that they have found it early and that everything will go smoothly for her!

I have my fingers and toes crossed (and man that's hard to that the news is good.

Big big hugs from me to you.



PS: You little man is growing like a mushroom...*wink*

PPS: Bugger about the scrapping. Email me if you ever want a chat.

PPPS: YAY P!ink tickets... Whoooo hooo...hahaha!

Belinda Venables said...

Me again...

PPPPS: (is that the right amount of P's? lol) Forgot to add - I have just added your blog to my bloglines so I don't forget to come back when you update next!


Miriam said...

Hi Sarah, wishing your mum a speedy recovery from treatment and surgery.

{hugs and kisses}

take care,



To my blog,hope you enjoy reading it!!

Please leave a comment so I know you have been here :P

Sarah x

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